“Hundreds of millions of the world’s urban poor live in sub-standard conditions …[including] rapid sprawl, pollution, and environmental degradation, together with unsustainable production and consumption patterns.”
- UN DESA in its World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision.

Welcome to “Global Socio-Cultural Futures”, the second in our online series offered by Global Futures Education covering the grand global challenges we face and offering solutions.

Global socio-cultural futures are complex and systemically interconnected. This self-paced, online course will deepen your understanding of the complexity of social and cultural systems, and how they have been hijacked and homogenised by neoliberalism, and globalisation, creating greater inequality, social and cultural exclusion and loss of meaning and purpose for many.

We will introduce you to rapid urbanisation and the social, cultural and environmental stresses created; entrenched socio-cultural challenges such as racism, gender inequality, ageism and loss of meaning; and why the factory model of schooling is obsolete and needs to be replaced.

By identifying and untangling the parts we will help you to see how you can take action. The course will empower you to imagine, design and create social and cultural innovations such as ecological and smart cities; social and cultural practices that are empowering, equitable, inclusive, and meaningful; and educational approaches that are creative, evolutionary, and transformative.

We will also indicate how these alternative solutions align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Course Content includes 12 Lessons across 3 Modules: City Futures, Human Futures and Educational Futures. There are two lessons in each, examining the challenges, and addressing the alternatives. The Full Course incorporates the three Modules. Alternatively, you can buy the Modules individually.

The Course Content incorporates over 100 learning resources, including:
  • 12 Lessons over 3 Modules: City Futures, Human Futures, Educational Futures.
  • Four lessons per Module, two on the challenges, two addressing the solutions.
  • 12 Instructor videos (one per Lesson) to guide you through the Course Content and Resources .
  • Over 40 expert videos
  • Over 50 expert articles/reports
  • Links to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to Urban Transformation, Cultural Regeneration and Educational Futures (SDG 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17).
  • Certificate of Completion.

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