Jennifer provides expert high-level advisory and consulting worldwide to corporates, NGOs, educational institutions, government departments and private foundations and think tanks.

Recent highlights include:

  • Co-Curator of "Future Forward" - the 20-lesson program developed in collaboration between the European Commission EU Policy Lab, and TED-Ed, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Researcher/Writer, TRENDS Research & Advisory, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Consultant Futurist: Vision 2030, FUTERRA Consulting Group. UK
  • Consultant Futurist, Foresight Factory, London, UK
  • Chief Futures Researcher, Global Foresight Hub, Oxford UK
  • Futures Course Design, Research & Development: Think Tank in Tehran, Iran
  • Commissioned Futures Research, UAE Research Institute, Dubai, UAE
  • Commissioned Futures Research, Think Tank in Tehran, Iran.

See Jennifer's professional website for more about her consulting experience.


Jennifer brings a refreshingly warm, open and down-to-earth personal style to her speaking. Her scholarship, wide experience, maturity and deep understanding of people’s needs is valued by her international clients.

Based in Australia, Jennifer has presented across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. She has developed a unique virtual style and can design for you virtual Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars, and pre-recorded Videos. 

Recent highlights include:

  • Keynote: “Big Picture Futures: A Human-centred Approach to Global Challenges” to Oxford University Press Marketing Summit Global, 2023. 
  • Keynote: “Complex Futures of Education” to School of Computer Science (UTS) School Retreat and Planning Day, 2022.
  • “Why the 21st Century needs more Female Scientists” 2021 World Conference on Science Literacy Virtual. Beijing, China. 2021. 
  • Keynote: “Contrasting Human Futures and the Myth of Techno-Transhumanism” MystTech Conference: Seattle, WA, USA. 2021.
  • “Postformal Education for Complex Futures of Uncertainty and Volatility” 2nd Int Meeting on Higher Education, Chile, 2021.
  • Webinar: “A Short Introduction to the Future Post-Covid” with Dr. Lawrence Jones. Edison Electric Institute. Washington DC.  2020. 
  • Keynote: “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” Opening Keynote, Lecture Series “Knowledge & Futures”, University of Erlangen, Germany, 2017.
  • Keynote: “Evolution of Consciousness and Paradigm Change” 20th Anniversary of the Club of Budapest, Paris, France. 2013.

See Jennifer's professional website for more about her Speaking experience.

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To check Jennifer's availability, in person or virtually: 

Email: jennifer(at)jennifergidley.com