Cultural Exclusion & Cultural Diversity. Module 2 (Lessons 5-8) explores the entrenched challenges of inequality in human culture, such as racism, gender inequality, and ageism including the rights of future generations. The dominant ideologies of neoliberalism and globalisation are explored for their links to secularism and religious fundamentalism, as well as loss of meaning. To counter these challenges, we examine cultural diversity and inclusion, and how to find meaning and purpose in life and work, through social entrepreneurship, purpose businesses, and impact investment such as ESG. This Module supports UN SDG 3, 5, 10, 17. On completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion (Global Socio-Cultural Futures Module 2: Human Futures) from Global Futures Education. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Enrol by clicking on 'Add to Cart'. At next page click "Make an Order". Complete your personal details and payment. Within 24 hours you will receive an access email. Follow the link shown on the email to access your Course. Register with your email and a password, and enjoy 90 days access. EMAIL: ask(a)


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