Conflicts & Collaboration Module 2 (Lessons 5 to 8) explores a broad tapestry of issues related to the entrenched challenges of conflict, war, and terrorism, and what solutions we can embrace to turn these challenges around. History shows us geo-political conflicts have played a central role in shaping nations and borders. We investigate the shift from unipolar to bipolar to multipolar powers, including regional, civil and domestic violence. We will also explore opportunities for fully embracing collaboration to create a more peaceful, responsible and culturally evolving global society. This Module supports UN SDG 16 & 17. On completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion (Global Geo-Political Futures Module 2: War and Peace) from Global Futures Education. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Enrol by clicking on 'Add to Cart'. At next page click "Make an Order". Complete your personal details and payment. Within 24 hours you will receive an access email. Follow the link shown on the email to access your Course. Register with email and a password, for 90 days access. EMAIL: ask(a)


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