Neoliberal Economics & Ethical Economics. Module 1 (Lessons 1-4) will focus on the economic crises that dominate global geo-political challenges. In the last few decades the disparity between rich and poor has increased exponentially, both within nations and across the globe. You will learn that growing economic disparities are exacerbated by the ethical vacuum of the casino economy and corporate greed. We will also explore solutions such as the circular economy, the sharing economy, ethical banking and alternative currencies. This Module supports UN SDG 1, 2, 10. On completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion (Global Geo-Political Futures Module 1: Transforming Economics) from Global Futures Education. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Enrol by clicking on 'Add to Cart'. At next page click "Make an Order". Complete your personal details and payment. Within 24 hours you will receive an access email. Follow the link shown on the email to access your Course. Register with email and a password, for 90 days access. EMAIL: ask(a)


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Module 1 Fee $180 USD

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