Welcome to "Global Futures of Climate”, the first Course in our series on Global Systems designed for individuals and organisations committed to facing global challenges and finding solutions. Course Content includes 12 Lessons across 3 Modules: 1. Climate Change 2. Energy Systems 3. Ecosystem There are two lessons in each, examining the challenges, and addressing the alternatives. This self-paced, web-based Course is incredibly well researched to give you a deep understanding of our emerging world and provides a solid basis for you to build your personal, professional, and family futures. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE: * Learn from Jennifer’s valuable expertise gained from 30 years’ experience as an international futures consultant at the highest levels of global thinking into the complexity and wide impacts of Climate Crisis, Energy Systems and Ecosystem collapse. * Join an international cohort of futures-ready citizens informed about the real challenges of climate change and how to find solutions. * Be empowered to appreciate and implement the wide range of solutions available to mitigate and adapt to climate crisis; reduce emissions through new energy systems; and rebuild ecosystems through regenerative agriculture and ocean practices. * Boost your career opportunities at a time when most corporations are beginning to realise they need to be climate literate. * Learn how solutions offered align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). * Receive a Certificate of Completion (Global Futures of Climate) providing evidence of 30 CPD points. This Full Course incorporates Modules 1, 2 & 3, at a discounted fee. Or you can buy the Modules individually. Allow 3-4 hours to complete each Lesson. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Enrol by clicking on 'Add to Cart'. At next page click "Make an Order". Complete your personal details and payment. Within 24 hours you will receive an access email. Follow the link shown on the email to access your Course. Register with email and a password, for 6 months access. EMAIL: ask(a)globalfutureseducation.com


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Course Fee $500 USD

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