Old & New Energy Systems Module 2 (Lessons 5-8) introduces the challenges of antiquated energy systems plus viable alternatives for making life on earth more sustainable, resilient, and healthy. We dive deeper into the detailed causes of global warming, focussing on how greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere that overheat the planet are primarily linked to burning fossil fuels. We then explore ‘carbon sequestration’ strategies include planting and preserving forests, and Blue Carbon strategies of restoring coastal seagrass meadows, marshes, and mangroves. Module 2: Energy Systems – Learn about renewable energy systems with this online course. Discover your sustainability potential! On completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion (Global Futures of Climate Module 2: Energy Systems) from Global Futures Education. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Enrol by clicking on 'Add to Cart'. At next page click "Make an Order". Complete your personal details and payment. Within 24 hours you will receive an access email. Follow the link shown on the email to access your Course. Register with your email and a password, and enjoy 90 days access. EMAIL: ask(a)globalfutureseducation.com


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